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1. Wholesale only, no retails.

2. We are 100% online business.

3. We do take phone orders, our phone line is for customer support also. However, we are glad to answer any questions or to help you to walk through our Online Store for order placing.

4. Our Online Store operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive an order confirmation email after you place an order. If you have not received it, it means that either you didn’t complete the order process or the order didn’t go through. 

5. $50.00 minimum per each order. No exceptions. However, you are allowed to mix & and match your order with varieties of items.

6.We do not offer printed catalogs. Use our website as a catalog. We update our website regularly.


1. All major credit cards, wire transfer and PayPal.

2. No C.O.D. and no net terms.

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